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Introducing Software Oxygen

Software Oxygen is a software consulting business specializing in supporting technology teams at the CTO and VP Engineering levels. Our emphasis is in small but growing companies with technology solutions that use (or desire) a cloud-based services architecture, and in many cases a mobile application solution.

Software Oxygen is mainly focused on companies located in the western United States, and places a high emphasis on leveraging technology to support virtual presence. For companies outside the target area that are savvy with remote presence and fluent with working in a distributed environment, Software Oxygen can also provide remote services to these companies, minimizing travel costs and maximizing effective consulting time.

Our Services

Software Oxygen provides many flexible engagement models to help grow your business. Most engagements start with an assessment, which provides a clear roadmp for additional services if desired.

Technology Assessment

By relying on Software Oxygen’s expert resources who have experienced high growth in a variety of technology environments, any company can benefit from our analysis and roadmap to quickly adjust their team, technology, and delivery approach for faster, smoother and more cost effective business solutions that can easily scale to meet demand. Software Oxygen takes a holistic approach to identifying and removing bottlenecks and optimizing delivery of business solutions. We look at the organization and capabilities of the teams involved in delivering the product and technology solutions. We review the tools, environments, and delivery methodologies appropriate for each specific product. We evaluate the technology architecture and delivery platform choices to identify ways to minimize costs and maximize seamless growth and scale. We can quickly provide you with a detailed assessment and suggested path forward to help your business grow and succeed.

Technology Development

Software Oxygen has extensive experience with different technology lifecycles and agile transformations across a wide variety of product areas. We will assess your current technology organization and software development approach. Software Oxygen can then assist with the rollout of organizational changes, as well as the the selection and adoption of a software lifecycle and associated tools and technologies to support more rapid, consistent, and higher quality software delivery to your customers.

Technology Deployment

Software Oxygen is focused on delivering scalable technology to support business monetization and growth through reliable software delivery. With the growth of cloud-based deployment environments, and the move to “dev-ops” or “no-ops” models for software delivery, this convergence creates a unique opportunity to assist many growing companies who are making (or have made) this transition. By architecting and leveraging the latest offerings from major cloud vendors, it is now possible to have extremely high scale at very low cost. We can guide and assist your team as they look to maximize the usefulness of cloud-based deployments while increasing quality and delivery - directly supporting your business growth.

Technology Dilligence

The Software Oxygen team can be leveraged not just for technology engagements inside of growing companies, but also to perform technical diligence on a company prior to an investment or acquisition on behalf of the investor/acquirer. Our Technology Assessment can be tailored to meet your unique needs, and quickly provide you a detailed view of the underlying team and technology currently in place.

Additional Services

Software Oxygen is passionate about maximizing technology to quickly deliver great business solutions and growth. Contact us to discuss your specific needs, and we can design a solution just for you!